Why Calgary's Inglewood Neighbourhood is Home to So Many Web Design Firms

Nabil Bushnaq | December 30, 2015

Nabil Bushnaq
Inglewood Calgary web design agencies

Calgary’s original downtown, Inglewood, used to be a rough and tumble neighbourhood dedicated to the whiskey trade. But 140 years ago the Northwest Mounted Police established Fort Calgary to create law and order.

Flash forward to the present day, and Inglewood is one of the trendiest neighbourhoods in Canada. In fact, it was awarded by the Canadian Institute of Planners as “Canada’s Great Neighborhood for 2014.”

Known as a cultural and arts center, it is home to art galleries, trendy restaurants, and historic buildings all centred on 9th Avenue, previously known as Atlantic Avenue.

Creativity Abounds in The Inglewood Art District

Just Google “web design firms Inglewood Calgary” and click on the resulting map of the Inglewood Area - you’ll see a neighbourhood jam-packed with design firms, including, of course, MORAD Creative Agency.

What attracts us, and so many other web design firms to Inglewood?

1. The arts are alive in Inglewood

It’s home to many art galleries, including the Esker Foundation Gallery which is dedicated to Canadian art and housed on the top floor of the beautiful historic Arts Block building. Entry is free to the public, by the way!

2. Infrastructure dedicated to creativity and startups

The historic Ramsay Arts Center houses many advertising and design firms, as well as The Commons Gallery, a thriving co-working space which has attracted dozens of startups and creative firms.

3. Proximity to the Bow River and bike paths

Designing is an intense and passionate job - and sometimes you’ve got to get out and move. The great thing about the whole Inglewood area is it’s right next to the Bow River and the wonderful hike and bike trail. Some of us like to just get out and go for a run, a bike ride or a quick power walk after a marathon design session to commune with nature and renew our energies!

4. Great food, music and culture

What encourages creativity and productivity more than being in the right neighbourhood? The urban living, combined with great restaurants, live music venues, and proximity to lots of cultural amenities makes it an inspiring neighbourhood to work from.

Inglewood has been referred to as Calgary's hub of local music thanks to venues like the Ironwood Stage and Grill (formerly The Garry Theatre), The Blues Can, and the headquarters for the Calgary International Folk Festival.

Working in the Inglewood district in Calgary just seems to encourage creativity. The historic buildings, arts and gallery environment, the availability of great food and entertainment, and the friendly competition amongst fellow web-design firms makes it a natural place to create great work - and a fun place to relax and recharge your batteries.

Want to visit us here at Morad? We’ll take you out to eat at The NASH where they cure their own bacon, or take you to grab a drink at Gravity Espresso & Wine Bar. Before going back to the office with us to brainstorm on some design ideas, we can visit one of the many art galleries, historic buildings or just walk through the beautiful neighbourhood we call our home away from home.

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