Ambleton: Behind the Branding of Calgary's Newest Community

Nabil Bushnaq | March 24, 2021

Nabil Bushnaq
Ambleton community's branding and website design

Qualico Communities, an award-winning land developer with communities in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Regina, and Austin, Texas has unveiled its newest addition: Ambleton located in North West Calgary. The community brand and website were designed by MORAD Creative Agency.

We have been Qualico Communities’ preferred creative agency since 2016. MORAD Creative has designed logos for the developer’s previous communities including Dawson’s Landing, Crestmont View, Painted Sky and Rivercrest. We also developed all of the websites for Qualico’s Southern Albertan communities.

The process for designing the Ambleton brand began by conceptualizing the logo design. We worked with Qualico Communities to understand the underlying value that the new community will bring and who these benefits will attract in terms of home buyers. The benefits that Qualico Communities wanted to communicate with Ambleton’s logo were the community’s natural settings, sizeable play areas, and local and regional pathways. The name “Ambleton” came from the interconnected pathways that promote walkability throughout the community. The word “amble” means to take a leisurely, pleasurable walk.

When designing the logo for Ambleton, MORAD Creative’s graphic design team played with imagery from nature including leaves, mountains and grain fields. We tested out different concepts and colour schemes before ultimately landing on the green ‘A’ logo.

Ambleton logo designs by MORAD Creative Agency

Ambleton logo concepts designed by MORAD Creative Agency

The website has a clean and sleek interface. The homepage features photos of smiling families enjoying the wide-open space in Calgary’s North West and the modernity of Ambleton’s showhomes. The site offers a showhome page and an interactive lot map to help potential community members plan their new family home.

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