4 Ideas to Spruce Up Your Website (With Examples!)

Nabil Bushnaq | September 15, 2020

Nabil Bushnaq
Ideas to spruce up your website

Keeping your website design fresh and your content up-to-date has countless benefits for your brand. It helps portray a positive image to new site visitors as well as giving previous visitors a good reason to return. That being said, you don’t have to completely redesign your website to give it a more updated look. Try these four ideas to spruce up your website today!

1. Add a Video Banner

Video banners are an excellent way to convey your company’s story in a quick and easily digestible way. Site visitors can get an immediate feel for your brand before they even read the content on your website. A compelling video banner encourages users to explore more of your site and get to know your company’s vision, mission and products or services.

Be careful not to use a video file that is too large as it could hurt the load speed of your website and turn away visitors who don’t want to wait. Try compressing your mp4 file and test the load speed with Google’s PageSpeed Insights.

2. Update Your Images

The images on your website paint a picture of your organization. High-resolution, original images will give the most accurate portrayal of your company’s culture, workspace, and products or services.

Idea #2: update your website's photography

eCommerce businesses in particular rely on high-quality images to sell their products because customers aren’t able to try them in person. If your images are outdated or have poor lighting, it could be the difference between making a sale.

Many sales businesses rely on stock images for their website photos. However, generic photos that have been used a thousand times over don’t do anything for your brand. Real, high-quality photography will truely set your company apart from your competitors.

3. Add Category Icons

Idea #3: add category icons to spruce up your website

Category icons are great for highlighting your company’s various offerings on your website’s homepage. It encourages visitors to explore your other pages and get to know your brand on a deeper level.

You don’t need to hire a professional designer to add service icons to your website. There are a number of websites online that offer predesigned icons such as Flaticon or Icons8 which can be customized to your brand colours.

4. Publish New Blogs

Idea #4: Publish new blogs to spruce up your website

Blogs are not only great for your customers but they’re also beneficial for the SEO of your site. New and exciting content gives visitors a reason to frequent your website. Search engines also prefer websites that are regularly updated to serve in search engine page results.

There are countless topics to write about on your blog. Company news and updates, success stories, employee highlights, and case studies are all good places to start. Be sure to read up on SEO best practices and develop a keyword strategy for your blog content. This will help your business rank better in search engines for industry-related terms.

The Gist

Updating your company’s website signals that your brand is active online and on top of current trends. By implementing these simple ideas to refresh your website’s design and content, you should see a boost in user engagement in no time. For help with revamping your site’s design, get in touch for a free website consultation!

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